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Changing It Up: Urban Decay Lashes in Flirt

By bailaoragaditana · November 10, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

You may remember my first post on false lashes, not so long ago. I've worn that pair (Urban Decay Hoax) several times since then, but always found them very dramatic. Today, I decided to take my new, much more natural-looking pair of Flirt lashes for a spin. They're not full lashes, but more like half-lashes or three-quarter lashes (you can see them here, but I foolishly forgot to take a picture of them before I put them on). 

Unlike with the Hoax set, I didn't have to trim these at all - they're short enough that they should fit comfortably on any eye! And they were much easier to apply, I just sort of stuck them on and they stayed close to the lashline; I didn't have to hold them in place to try and get them to bend properly or anything. 

As you can see, the lashes aren't actually any longer than my natural eyelashes, but they provide a bit more volume and oomph on the outer half of my eyes. And the black strip bit doesn't look too bad, I don't think - I didn't want to layer on the black eyeliner like I did with Hoax, because I was still aiming for natural/everyday. (I did smudge a bit of Urban Decay shadow in Snakebite on the upper lashline, but it's not too heavy.)


The other thing I absolutely LOVED about these lashes? It felt like I wasn't even wearing them! They're super lightweight - one of my main complaints before was that false lashes made me feel like I was doing a little eyelid exercise routine with tiny weights. But I totally forgot I was wearing lashes most of the day! And they stick through everything - I even took a (face-down!) nap for a few hours in my makeup (BAD, I know!) and they were still flawless when I woke up!

(Side note: when I was cropping these pics in iPhoto, I tried out the magic wand button - it says "mejorar" in Spanish, maybe the English is something like "improve"? - and it made me look like some sort of doll. So I had to change back to the original. Ah, well...)

In conclusion - I'm really starting to like playing around with false lashes! I might start wearing these on a regular basis, because they really add definition to my eyes without being too dramatic. And changing one little thing at a time is turning out to be pretty manageable after all!

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